Joey Bosa Takes Pay Cut to Stay with Chargers Amid Speculation

Joey Bosa Takes Pay Cut to Stay with Chargers Amid Speculation

Restructuring to Stay

Chargers linebacker Joey Bosa has made a significant decision to remain with the team this season, despite facing a whirlwind of offseason trade rumors and salary cap concerns. Bosa, who had two years left on a five-year, $135 million contract extension signed in 2020, opted to restructure his deal in March.

By taking a pay cut, Bosa ensures an $8 million guaranteed base salary for this season, though there is no guaranteed money for him in 2025. This move has spurred speculation that this year might mark Bosa's final season in Los Angeles.

Commitment to the Chargers

Amid the salary cap issues, Bosa was seen as a potential cut or trade candidate. However, his decision to adjust his contract underscores his commitment to the Chargers. Bosa has expressed a strong desire to stay with the team and has shown interest in playing for one team throughout his entire career—a rarity in professional sports. His primary focus now is on winning games and contributing to the team's success.

"I always thought of myself being somebody that will play here and retire here, which I think not many people do on one team, and I think it would be a cool thing to accomplish, but you never know. I'm going to worry about this year first," Bosa emphasized.

"Winning football games is more important to me right now than making some extra money," he added. "I want to win. I want to be on this team. I want another shot with the guys in this room, especially Khalil Mack."

Previous Challenges and Current Optimism

The past two seasons have been challenging for Bosa due to a series of injuries. He missed significant time with hamstring, foot, and toe injuries. His 2022 season was cut short after he sprained his foot in Week 11, and his injury recovery included offseason surgery on his finger for a separate issue.

Despite these setbacks, Bosa is now feeling optimistic about his physical condition. "My foot's feeling great. Toe's good. The hamstring's good. I mean, there was a list of things last year, my hand, so all those things are good," he reported.

"It's nice to be feeling better going into year nine than you have since maybe five, six years ago. I've said I've been feeling great the last couple years. It's the real deal this time, but obviously anything can happen, but it's fun, feeling really confident in your body and being able to perform," Bosa stated with a renewed sense of confidence.

Looking Forward to Training Camp

Bosa is particularly looking forward to the upcoming training camp and matchups against rookie Joe Alt. "I'm going to need to beat him up a little bit in camp so he's ready," Bosa jested. "We'll see in a few weeks, when I lay a helmet on his chin, how he holds up."

Last season, Bosa demonstrated his capabilities with 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble in a Week 9 win over the Jets. His leadership and skill set will be pivotal for the Chargers this year as they aim for success.


Joey Bosa's decision to take a pay cut underscores his commitment to the Chargers and his desire to contribute to the team's success. Bosa's optimism about his physical condition and his determination to win football games highlight his priorities going into the new season. Fans and teammates alike will be watching closely, hopeful that Bosa can help lead the team to victory.

"So I think we have a great opportunity here, and who knows, maybe I'll have a great year this year, and then things can change down the road," Bosa reflected, remaining both realistic and hopeful about the future.